4.16 On The Head of a Pin

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people wonder why i sit alone and play video games every day but honestly video games have never failed me compared to the many people who attempted to be part of my life

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Just because a body is naked does not mean that it is sexual or that it should be sexualised.

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I just want Tumblr to know that I have never, not once, wanted to reblog a text post as a link.

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Republicans are scary but republicans under the age of 20 are even scarier

Yeah liberals are terrified of educated youth

did your dad tell you that

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Sleeping is nice because youre not actually dead and youre not awake so its a win-win situation

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Virgin shaming and slut shaming piss me off in equal amounts. There’s nothing magical or special about being a virgin, and same goes with having sex. You know what’s magical? Shutting the fuck up about people’s personal choices. 

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Some horror films I’m looking forward to!

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do it 1. Five facts about your current relationship OR Five facts about your single life.
2. Five facts about a past relationship.
3. Five facts about your mother.
4. Five facts about your father.
5. Five facts about your sibling. If you have more than one, pick one. Or do them all!
6. Five facts about your best friend. If you have more than one, pick one. Or do them all!
7. Five facts about your house.
8. Five facts about your niece or nephew. If you have more than one, pick one. Or do them all! Skip if you don't have one.
9. Five facts about your education.
10. Five facts about your job.
11. Five facts about your pet. If you have more than one, pick one. Or do them all!
12. Five facts about your phone.
13. Five facts about your favorite show.
14. Five facts about your favorite movie.
15. Five facts about your favorite book.
16. Five facts about your favorite band.
17. Five facts about your favorite celebrity.
18. Five facts about the city/town you live in.
19. Five facts about you right now (it could be what you're wearing, how you're feeling, what you're doing).
20. Five facts about any random person (it could be more facts about somebody already mentioned or somebody else you'd like mentioned here).

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europeanbeauties92 asked: "Wow, you Ladies and gents must really love white people. I mean, dedicating a whole page to our race? That's such an honor. Thank you. XOXO"
and I answered:




did you give yourself a pat on the back for this one?

You gave yourself a high five for sending this didn’t you. OMG so clever

This is your blog

that shit says “A safe place for Europeans/ American-Europeans/ Canadian-Europeans/ Australlian-Europeans/ ECT…to find joy and beauty in their race.”

White people need a safe space now?

Pale faces need a safe space? Was the entire globe not safe enough for you so you decided to make a blog with the same white people we all open magazines and see

with the same mayo wonder bread sandwiches we see on tv, in movies, on billboards, defining beauty everywhere we go, 

But that wasn’t assuring enough for you so you made a blog because white people already don’t have enough

Tell me why your blog look like i google searched crackers?

Why your blog look like i google searched white bread?

You better shut your dumb ass the fuck up because I’m the last one for you to try to get smart on, okay?



took a glance at europeanbeauties92 archive…….image

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What the heck is that?


Yeah, you read that right.



And it’s called “Squid Butter” and no, there weren’t any squid involved (besides myself).

So, this is the deal. You can slice it, melt it, fry with it, bake with it, and just eat it straight (if you really want to). This is THE NEXT LEVEL OF VEGAN BUTTER.

The best thing about it? It’s made in house with no preservatives, no palm-oil, and no guilt! It lasts up to 6 months in the fridge and makes everything 10 times as delicious. It has about 1/7th the saturated fat of cow’s butter, no trans fats, no cholesterol, fewer calories, no puss (dairy), no blood, and no harm.

But wait, there’s something even better about this butter— you can buy it! Well, not quite yet, but when the relaunch of The Vegan Squid website goes live, get ready for some seriously delicious (and useful) treats to become available.

There is one thing I ask of you, my totally rad followers, what would you pay for a stick of butter (that actually works)?

I can’t wait til the vegan squid relaunch, I am gonna buy SO MUCH VEGAN BUTTER

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